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Berlin Teufelsberg News and Comments Page

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LocationMap TeufelsbergApartmentProject pictures: http://fiedel.dyndns.org/teufelsberg/pix


the current owners, the one who did not succeed with their TeufelsbergApartmentProject are obviously not too sure if the Lynchia Maharishi-University is going to be realized, because they now made some alternative project proposal, involving a restaurant in the radar tower.

I have absolutely no idea how this fits together with reports that Lynch has bought the mountain. It seems like he would like to do it, but hasn't got the money yet, and so the owners are trying to at least limit their losses by commercially activating the area. So far they refused an offer from the town of Berlin to buy the are back, for ... 0.5 million ... as being "almost indecently cheap-ass".

http://www.taz.de/regional/berlin/aktuell/artikel/?dig=2008%2F01%2F17%2Fa0138&src=UA&cHash=0746fd3f75 (german)


obviously the Berlin Bunkerbusters "Unterwelten e.V" wants to make an approach to descent into the "supposed to be still intact" Nazi-bunker contained in the mountain http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,2144,2637505,00.html


Filmmaker David Lynch has gathered with some questionable figures and proposed to build an "University for an invincible Germany" on top of the moutain. Some self-proclaimed Guru or "Raja" is involved, Yoga, transcendental meditation plays a part ... Hmm, I'm at loss what to think about this ....

Reportedly Lynch (?) has bought the mountain already ?


http://hypediss.com/david_lynch_buys_the_teufelsberg_in_berlin_for_his_yoga_university (nice current picture there)

http://www.welt.de/berlin/article1365993/Star-Regisseur_Lynch_baut_umstrittene_Yoga-Uni.html (german)


There was a report on a german TV channel. http://www.zdf.de/ZDFde/inhalt/19/0,1872,2393715,00.html (german)


The Berlin Senat wants to flatten the whole complex. It is still unclear who will have to pay for this, the country Berlin or the former investor. http://bz.berlin1.de/aktuell/berlin/051102/teufel.html (german)


As someone noted on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/berlinbrigadewallwatchers/message/8078 , somebody is obviously trying to sell the area on ebay, for 9 million dollars.


Given the picture used, and the seller only having a history of 13 items, this stinks :)


Some of my pictures are now available as an overlay to Google Earth. load

in your Google Earth and do some sightseeing !


All building permits for the area are revoked now. The owner stays the owner, but he is not allowed to do anything with the area. And he will not get his money back (it was too much a bargain anyway). The basic plan is now to flatten the buildings and make the area wood again, but , very funny, http://www.taz.de/pt/2005/04/13/a0223.nf/text says that the _green party_ (!) is against the wood-plan and wants to protect "Berlins biggest balls" :)


Rebel de TV, a Project from the Berlin Beam Boys ( http://www.novamob.de/ ) realized a 90 minute video projection - sort of "Urban Pirate TV" - at the radomes of teufelsberg. Unfortunately they collected a police indication for this :(

a video featuring this event (37MB , Quicktime) http://www.profiprojekt.de/teufelsberg-bombing/RTV_Teufelsberg_Large.mov (this video is mentioned at http://www.beatfreax.nl/s/9d9b68ac2b/f/3/t/977/page/1.html , but the entry is from 17.03.2005, I'm confused about the date)

alternate video location http://www.novamob.de/videos/RTV_Teufelsberg_Large.mov


someone states at http://www.allmystery.de/themen/gg8002-4 that the area is not guarded at all....

4.-8. April 2005

The area is now closed and guarded, but there is a chance to officaly get there during a seminar of the "Berliner Unterwelten e.V", ( "Berlin Underground" that is ) , at the 4th of April 2005


 from http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/netzkultur/0,1518,345111,00.html



Thanks for posting all these pics. I was stationed there from 85-86. We have an American TV show called "The Amazing Race" and they had a downhill race event on this hill. That got me interested in what happened to the complex there. Your pics answered my questions.


Baurecht verfallen


HorchPosten, a Party on the very spot!

some coverage http://www.beatfreax.nl/s/9d9b68ac2b/f/3/t/977/page/1.html


the area is still a political/financial issue